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Rahul and Anika

Rahul and Anika are the epitome of love. Their love crosses borders, cultures and religions. As he lives in India and she lives in Germany. They have had to fight for their love and relationship…

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Zsolt and Tamas

Zsolt and Tamas’ love for each other is in many places considered an illegal love. And it is not an opportunity for them to get married in their own country, Hungary, where it is not possible…

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Nikolai and Jennifer

To say ‘I do’ to the person you love is a big thing and emotions flowed freely when Jennifer from the Philippines was married to Nikolai from Germany. The couple got married at the town hall…

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Land of Love

Your wedding is a tribute to your love. The day when you say ‘I do’ to each other. Your very special day. A day you will remember for the rest of your lives. A day that deserves a perfect venue. A venue with room for everybody and wide horizons – where dreams can come true. Our municipality is like that. This is your wedding – all YOURS! Also if your dream of a register office ceremony out of the ordinary. Whether you want to marry in the town hall, in the open air or in the backyard of a castle, you have the opportunity to follow your dreams here in Tønder Municipality. We have room for everybody. Regardless of the size of your budget. Whether your dreams are simple or lavish. Your wedding can be exactly as you want it to be.

This is the land of love and we will do anything to make your day unforgettable. That is our dream; to give bridal couples – like you – the best day of their lives.

We can give your beautiful old towns with lots of atmosphere and spirit where you can stroll hand in hand while finding the perfect wedding clothing, your wedding rings, the bridal bouquet and the menu for your special day. We have a nature scenery that will most likely take your breath away. No matter if you prefer kilometres of fine sand beaches, the rough and ever changing marshlands of the Wadden Sea that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List or an idyllic wooden landscape, our entire region is filled with beautiful nature sceneries which will make a perfect frame for your special day – and a magnificent setting for your wedding photos. And even if you could easily live on love and spring water alone, you should duck into the sea of culinary delights of our region.

Welcome to Tønder Municipality – the Land of Love.


Meet us

In Tønder Municipality we treasure the personal relationship. Between us and our bridal couples – you. Your wedding day is a special day. So should your ceremony be. Our registrars will be with you from the very beginning – the first contact in writing – to the actual ceremony on your wedding day. We believe that a close contact will make the best experience – for you and for our nice registrars. They really believe in love. To our registrars you are not ‘just another day at the office’ – you are two persons entrusting them with the important moment of your wedding ceremony – and that is quite something. Therefore, we treasure the personal relationship.

Because we believe that a personal relationship is very important for your experience of the day, we would like to – at this early stage when Tønder is maybe not even your planned wedding destination yet – begin this relationship by presenting our registrars to you. So you can see who they are. And learn a bit more about the persons who will play a small but significant role on your wedding day – and in the preceding process.

In Tønder we have four registrars who handle the register office ceremony. You can meet them here.


A wedding is something very special. It is the day when you celebrate your love for each other. A celebration which needs to be planned in detail. To make sure that your day will live up to your dreams. Because you deserve the best. As do all bridal couples. We have collected lots of inspiration for you here. To make it easier for you. We know all the fantastic opportunities that our region holds and we are certain that we can fulfil all of your wedding dreams – regardless of the size of your budget.

Here you will find inspiration for accomodations, eateries and adventures in the region. And more… You will also find inspiration for everything you will be needing on your wedding day; from wedding rings, bridal bouquet to wedding clothing and a photographer. Take a look. Be inspired. Let your dreams take your high. And fly on the wings of love. You are getting married!

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