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The ceremony

You can have your register office ceremony in Tønder, whether you are from Denmark or from abroad. We have room for everybody. Regardless of nationality, religion, political persuasion or sexuality. It’s all about love. We just want you to have the best day of your lives. And therefore we have made you a list of all the practical things of your wedding. To make it as easy for you as possible.

The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony The culmination of your wedding day. When you say ‘I do’. And how is the procedure? You can learn more about that right here:

Register office ceremonies in Tønder Municipality take place mainly on Thursdays and Fridays, and you will be married by one of our four registrars.

If you are to marry in one of our normal wedding venues, you and your guests – if you have guests – will be called into the wedding room, when it is your turn. You will be received by the registrar who reads from a text and asks you if you want to be married. When you have exchanged rings and kissed each other – you are a married couple. A register office ceremony is often shorter than a church wedding, but the experience is just as beautiful and solemn.

A register office ceremony requires two witnesses. They can be family or friends. If you are married at Tønder Town Hall during opening hours and do not bring your own witnesses, we will be happy to find the witnesses for you. Just after the ceremony you will get your marriage certificate.

If you want to be married by another authority, you will get a marriage license from Tønder Municipality which you must send to the wedding authority in question. The license is valid for four months from the issue date.

Meet us


Bente Skipper

During my twenty years as a registrar, I have married many thousands of happy couples. To me, every single wedding ceremony is very special and I try, with warmth and empathy, to give all couples a memorable day. A unique and special day which they will keep in their hearts forever. A day which will want them to come back to Tønder.

Claudia Brandt

In my work as a registrar I try to be both attentive and considerate. Not two bridal couples are alike. And I do my very best to make sure that all couples see my empathy. That they feel that I am here to give them a very special and memorable day. A day full of love. Their love.

Bente Stenger

To say ‘I do’ to the person you love is a very important moment. And every day I am very pleased to be the witness of such an important moment between two persons. Two persons who often come from different cultures. It is really important for me to show all these happy couples, that I am there for them. That I share their joy and happiness.

Heidi Kühn Jensen

Even if I may have many ceremonies during a day, I always do my utmost to make sure that every single couple gets a feeling and the experience that their wedding ceremony is something special. I try to feel every single couple. Sense what they need or want. Because this is THEIR day, their love.

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