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Wedding venues

When you choose to have your wedding ceremony in Tønder Municipality, you can choose between three permanent venues in Tønder, Højer and Løgumkloster. We can also offer different possibilities of special arrangements which can fulfil your secret wedding dreams. If you have special wishes, please contact one of the local wedding planners who can help you with practical arrangements.

Wedding venues

In Tønder Municipality we have three permanent venues to choose from. We are quite sure, that you will find all three towns to have very beautiful buildings, cosy streets and a very warm atmosphere.



Is your dream to have your wedding in a historic room at our town hall which is placed in the centre of a very nice town with beautiful streets and passages, green and grassy parks and lots of opportunities for a newlywed couple dreaming of combining their romance with town life? Then Tønder will be the place for you. Tønder is a charming town buzzing with activities and at the same time offering quiet and time to be together. The town has lots of good restaurants and cosy cafés to celebrate your wedding day. If you want your photos taken after the wedding ceremony, Tønder offers a number of nice spots and nature which will all make up the perfect background for your wedding photos.


If you are looking for a countryside wedding, then Højer is the place to look. Højer is in the heart of rural idyll and natural beauty and it is very peaceful and quiet. Here you will find the time and place to be together and let love fill your day while enjoying the old town behind the dikes – where the horizon is far and skies are high. If you want to keep the memories of your wedding day in photos, the little town in the marshlands has many cosy spots and sights which will form a perfect background for your perfect day. Do not be surprised if you are met with smiles and congratulations wherever you look – and maybe even an invitation for coffee – Højer is about presence and unity.


If you dream of having a wedding in romantic surroundings in a small town full of atmosphere, you should go to Løgumkloster. You can take a stroll through the thousands of flowers which grow in the town centre. And enjoy the beautiful green park and look at the town life from “Kyssebænken” (the kissing bench). The perfect spot for your first kiss as a married couple – after the ceremony, that is. Løgumkloster has one of the most well-preserved churches from the Middle Ages. The sight is breath-taking and so is the sound of the largest glockenspiel in the Nordic countries. You cannot miss it. Together with the fine old houses and cosy spots, Løgumkloster has everything to make your wedding day perfect. Løgumkloster is made for love.

Special arrangements

If you have special dreams for your register office ceremony – exceeding a traditional ceremony – we can even offer various special arrangements. They will, however, require more work from you than our permanent wedding venues do. The possibilities are there, though. We have listed some of them here – maybe you have ideas yourselves – almost anything is possible. You may contact a wedding planner who can help you proceed with your idea.

Rømø Beach

If you dream of being married on the beach, with your feet covered in sand, the sea in the background and the blue sky high above, you may choose to be married on Rømø Beach.


Maybe you are fond of history and dream of a wedding in spectacular surroundings? At Trøjborg you can be married in the middle of the beautiful ruins in a gorgeous nature scenery.

Vandtårnet (The water tower)

In Vandtårnet in Tønder you can be married in cultural surroundings with a great view that will lift your special day to new heights.

Tønder Festival

Or maybe you would like to get married during Tønder Festival – you can then spend the rest of the day holding hands and dancing to good music in a town filled with happy people.

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