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Your day

Here you will find everything you need to know when planning your wedding day – before and after the ceremony.

Your stay

Most of the bridal couples planning to have their wedding here turn their wedding day and stay here into a small honeymoon in our region. That is important to many couples – to make the wedding feeling last longer than just the day – also when you choose a register office ceremony Your love is the same regardless of the type of ceremony.

And there are many opportunities to tailor your stay in Tønder to your wishes, dreams and budget. We actually believe we have it all – for everybody. Both concerning accommodations and eateries.

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Your special day

What is most important on your wedding day is your love to each other – but your clothes, the wedding rings and the bridal bouquet – the frame of your day – is probably also of some importance. We have collected some inspiration for you on some of the things which you might be looking for in connection with the preparations for your wedding day.

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Tønder Municipality offers experiences out of the ordinary. The nature scenery of the Wadden Sea National Park is unique and in 2014 became part of UNESCO World Heritage List. And we have so much more… On Rømø you will find kilometres of fine sand beaches and all over the region there are beautiful woodlands.

We also have lots of history and culture closely connected to the fact that we are in the borderland between Denmark and Germany. Here you will find exciting museums and local attractions as well as cosy, historical towns with room for both shopping and culture. Also if you are looking for an active stay – you have come to the right place. See here for more inspiration.

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Wedding stories

No two weddings are the same. And so it should be. All bridal couples make their love, their ceremony – the entire day – their own. That is the magic of a wedding. It is a unique experience. It is yours – and yours only. You may find inspiration in other people’s wedding stories, though. Maybe you will find that extra detail which will make your love story complete or that idea which will take your wedding day an extra step. An unforgettable day – that’s for sure!

In the early planning – when your day haven’t found its final form yet – beautiful, positive wedding stories of other people may start your dreams and imagination.

Especially if you – as is the fact with many of our bridal couples – are not from the Tønder region and not aware of the many extraordinary possibilities you find here to make your wedding day a very special day. There are numerous – possibilities and wedding stories. Actually Tønder Municipality has become somewhat of a wedding destination for couples who want a register office ceremony – and has been for many years. We are proud of that.

And we are happy to share these beautiful wedding stories from very different – all very wonderful – bridal couples who chose to have their wedding in our region.

Rahul and Anika

Rahul and Anika are the epitome of love. Their love crosses borders, cultures and religions. As he lives in India and she lives in Germany. They have had to fight for their love and relationship as it is not that easy for two different nationalities to marry in Germany.

Even if it is a long way from Denmark to India, where Rahul and Anika plan to have their future home, they decided to get married in Denmark. As the groom has a special connection to Denmark. ”I have been working as an engineer for Maersk for the past ten years and it feels just right to get married in Denmark. My work with Maersk made it an easy choice”, Rahul says.

When they were to decide where in Denmark to get married, they looked to Tønder which is close to the German border. As Anika lives in Hamburg, ”and therefore Tønder was the right choice”, she says.

They were also looking for a wedding office that would be able to handle their special situation – that Rahul lives in India og Anika in Germany: ”Our situation is special in relation to the distance, the documentation and the process itself, and we were quite nervous when we got here just a few days before the wedding. What if something went wrong? Such a long process and then maybe we wouldn’t get married after all? We then met with this very kind registrar who helped us relax and believe that everything would be fine. And it did! At last! Everybody has been so nice and helpful to us and also very professional”, Rahul says.

After the wedding ceremony the registrar waited for Rahul’s mother to bless the newlywed. That was an old Indian tradition which was very important to all of them: ”It was such a fine moment which affected all of us very much”, Anika says.

After the wedding ceremony they had a small intimate party at Slotskroen, where they had dinner with close friends and family. However, they plan to have a big wedding party also in India: ”A wedding is a major event in India, which we will of course celebrate in keeping with tradition”, Rahul says.

Zsolt and Tamas

Zsolt and Tamas’ love for each other is in many places considered an illegal love. And it is not an opportunity for them to get married in their own country, Hungary, where it is not possible for same-sex couples to marry. They therefore looked into the possibilities of getting married in another European country. And they soon found – and fell for – Tønder: ”When we read about Tønder and saw the pictures, we really liked the town. And we soon decided that THIS was where we wanted to get married”, Tamas says.

The couple had a dream of a small, intimate and simple wedding far from the noise and stress of a big city. They were looking for a romantic town in beautiful surroundings and high skies. Tønder was just perfect: ”We had a dream of getting married in a small town – where everything would be very intimate and minimalistic. Tønder was just perfect for that”, Tamas continues.

Even if it was a long journey from Hungary to Denmark, the happy couple experienced no stress at all: ”We have had a very good and nice experience in Tønder. All the way from the first contact to the ceremony itself”, Zsolt says with a smile.

The wedding was celebrated at a small party in a Tønder restaurant with a couple of friends who came with them to Tønder. When they get back to Hungary, they will have a large party with all of their friends which did not come to Denmark for the wedding.

Nikolai and Jennifer

To say ‘I do’ to the person you love is a big thing and emotions flowed freely when Jennifer from the Philippines was married to Nikolai from Germany. The couple got married at the town hall of Tønder and there were big smiles and tears of joy before he kissed his bride – We are very happy. The entire wedding ceremony was just wonderful. Such nice surroundings and a very kind registrar, says the bride.

The couple decided to skip bureaucracy and paper work in their home countries and get married in Tønder. They heard about the possibility from their friends, a couple who had also got married in Denmark. – We noticed how much easier everything was in Denmark compared to Germany and decided to get married here. It has been a very good experience, everyone has been so nice to us and it is a very beautiful place, Nikolai says.

They wanted a small, intimate wedding with just close family and friends who also came to Southern Jutland. The bridal couple may have come a long way, but they came with their love and went back as a married couple. – It is not that important to us, where we got married. The important thing is that we actually got married, Jennifer says.

After their wedding ceremony they went to the beach to have their wedding photos taken in the sand and then family and friends had arranged for surprises for the newlywed for the rest of the day.

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