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Hair & make-up

Most brides dream of a wedding day where everything is just perfect. Not just the big things – your love, the ceremony and the party. Also the small things matter – like the perfect hairdo and a delicate make-up.

And though you are far away from your normal life you should not go without all this. In Tønder Municipality there are a lot of skilled hairdresser who would like to help you make your hair look perfect on your wedding day.

The same goes for the make-up. Maybe you are a bit too excited to put on a perfect make-up yourself this day; your hands are trembling with the excitement – or maybe you just want to feel like a princess and have people help you. We have many beauty salons and parlours all over the region and they are just waiting to make you look just perfect on your wedding day.

Wedding rings

To many bridal couples the exchange of rings is an important part of the wedding ceremony. Maybe you have your rings ready already. Maybe they are heirlooms. Maybe you will use your engagement rings. If you have not found your rings yet, the goldsmiths of Tønder will be more than happy to help you find the right ones.

The rings which will be the symbol of your love. It is not that important whether you want a classic gold ring which will never go out of fashion or a more special design – the local goldsmiths have a broad range. Even if you would like your rings to be designed especially for you, they can be of help – we just need somewhat more time then.

Your clothing

The wedding clothing. Is important to many bridal couples. It is important that the clothing match the atmosphere of your wedding. Something to mark that this is a very special day to you – even if you may not want a genuine wedding gown. Tønder has a lot of shops which will be happy to assist you in choosing the right clothing to match your dreams and your budget.

If you want to be married in a wedding gown and suit, we have several shops which are specialised in this area. After all, many brides have dreamt of their wedding gown since being little girls. Over and over again. And they have an exact picture of the wedding gown in their head. Maybe you have? We are quite sure that you can find the dress of your dreams in one of our local shops – whether you have a special design in mind – or you just want to follow your heart when searching for the right dress. Our shops have a huge selection of dresses and they are very keen to help you find the perfect match for your wedding day.

If you are also looking for a new stylish suit, you will also find a large selection in the various shops. Either in the shop where you find the dress – or in one of the men’s wear stores. They will be happy to help you find the perfect suit for a perfect day.


Many bridal couples arrange with a professional photographer to take their wedding photos. After all it is a very special day. A day you will want to remember always. And to be able to look at the photos of the day.

If you want to have great photos from your wedding day, Tønder has numerous very good photographers who are very experienced within wedding photos and who will be able to catch your special day – you and your love for each other – in the most magnificent way.

You decide whether you want your photos taken in the woodlands, in one of the lovely towns, near castle ruins or on the beach. Anything is possible. And we are quite sure that you will go home with the most beautiful photo memories from your memorable day.


The bridal bouquet. Buttonholes. You can hardly do without flowers on your wedding day. That’s how many bridal couples feel – regardless of the ceremony being in a town hall or in a church.

And we quite understand – flowers add up. They are decorative. They are colourful. They give a little extra. They are a lovely, matching detail to the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit.

Please do contact one of your skilled florists if you need a bridal bouquet or buttonholes or the like. They make the most wonderful flower designs – whether you want a new and modern bouquet or a very traditional one. Our talented florists will make sure that your dreams will be come true.


There are almost as many wishes and needs for transportation on the wedding day as there are bridal couples.

Some use their own car, others use public transportation – and some rent a fine old classic car or a horse and carriage to take them to the photographer and on to the venue where they plan to spend the day, celebrating their love for each other.

Whether you dream of going by horse and carriage or in a classic car on your wedding day – we have several possibilities to fulfil your dream. We promise.

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